A Non-Authoritative Android Tablet Buying List: What to Get, What to Avoid (2010)


I want a cheap (<$200) pad mainly as a pdf & ebook reader. Anything else is a bonus. Good battery life is very important. I'm a newbie to this market and am hopelessly confused and ripe for being ripped off. I'm currently considering 4 models

1) Herotab MID816
2) Dropad A8
3) Ramos W10
4) Flytouch 3 1Ghz Android 2.2

and I'm thinking of buying from merimobiles

Am I on the right track, please? If anyone has any advice for me, I'd be very grateful!

With thanks
Why not viewsonic gtablet, though that adds $100.

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I have ordered Wholesale Product Snapshot Product name is 10.2" 8000MAH Battery Android 2.2 Froyo 512MB 4GB/8GB FlyTouch 3 SuperPad 3 ePad WiFi GPS RJ45 HDMI Tablet PC MID UMPC

how to know whether it's build quality is good or not ? it's not shipped yet, I can cancel it if build quality is not good.
Buys for the Adventurous
Witstech A81G *(**)
TI OMAP Android 2.2 at 7"
Firmware continues to improve. Firmware has gotten decent for a Chinese tablet. Resistive version is now a decent device, especially after installation of a custom ROM. Too expensive. GPS optional, but doesn't really work that well. Custom firmware increases experience of device greatly.


Maybe this could be updated as it's the first thread, as the A81G now has Capacitive screen, GPS built-in (not optional) and is running well?