Cracked display in BPDN (Black 4 gig flavour model number RR7T40WBL1)


Mar 6, 2012
Okies, here I go.

I've been reading around here on the forums a lot for the last few days. I'd just bought myself a BPDN for cheap at some clearance place. Being my normal self I proceed to play with the device and see what it does do and what it can be made to do. Which is what all the reading on the forums has been about. Was having some fun... and then the horror: I sat on my new toy. Ugh. Back to the forums.

And to my surprise most of the info I can find is about the WHITE one. Mines black. Not too helpful, aside from a link to the FCC with some nice pictures of the guts of the BLACK one. So I broaden my search. I find a bit more about screens, but not anything really usefull about where to start. No list of part numbers or manufacturer names. Sometimes it's just the touch input screen rather than the whole display, if you can find one.

But, while flailing around to little avail, I did make one or two observations. Lots of people seem to be breaking the screens of their toys from the distant and faint wails. And if I Do find the part I need, after labour, the total repair cost is more than I paid for dratted thing to begin with.

So I figure I have nothing to loose. I opened it myself to look inside. Four little screws on the corners, hidden under little bits of rubber. Gentle prying with some plastic thingers on the seam so I don't wreck the finish. (Never know I might even fix the damn thing!) And I am in.

And lo, I found the the little cracked display.. . And upon it's little white label I did find the name of the manufacturer and the part number:
AU Optronics Model No A070SN01 v3.0 It's google time! (AU Optronics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) And it was good.

MY particular display is a single unit. The resistive touch input,the LCD and led backlight come as a single unit. No part numbers listed for the individual componants. So no cheating and just getting the touch input for me. Ah well. More googling and I found (

Waiting on a reply as to the cost of the part shipped to me. (Anything under 88 bucks total and It's cheaper than just getting another one!)

It's a wall of text, I know. But it boils down to the same thing for everyone in a similar situation. If it costs more to fix than to replace, it annoys the crap out of you MORE looking at an otherwise functional item that needs a relatively quick fix.

It's much easier to do a bit of research into brandnames and repair difficulties of a given item (GOOGLE IT FIRST!) than to blindly pounce on what looks like a good deal. (Cheap android tablet! WOO, gimme!) User reviews are a good place to start. Forums (like this one) are loaded with info.

Don't be afraid to open something that has obviously hit the cheaper-to-replace-than-fix point. You might learn something.

I learned that not only is this no longer made display to be found as a liquidation item but that it was used in a TON of digital picture frames, GPS devices, portable DVD players and whatnot. So, keeping your peepers open for a bargain bin pandigital 7" photo frame (with touchhscreen of course) may be a good option. That is all.
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so there is no way i can get my pandigital screen fixed. would it be better if i just buy another one.