Cruz Reader Help!!! Wont Boot


Nov 24, 2010
I need some serious help!

I turned my cruz reader off then when I turned it back on it showed "Pandigital Novel" instead of Cruz! After that I tried restoring to Normal Firmware to fix it and then It got into a never ending boot loop.....

Then I tried restoring again but then it got stuck in a restore loop and then shut off suddenly and now It wont turn on...................



Dec 26, 2010
Support Center check out the troubleshooter

What should I do if my Cruz device will not turn on?
If your Cruz device will not turn on or freezes, follow the steps below to resolve this:

  • Locate the Cruz RESET location between the Power Button and mini-USB port.
  • Using the straightened end of a small paperclip, insert it perpendicularly into the RESET hole and hold for 5 seconds.
  • Turn on your Cruz
If the steps above do not allow you to power on again, then continue with the steps below:

  • Remove the Cruz from the charger and eject the External SD card.
  • Place the Cruz face down on the desk, starting at the External SD slot, pull off the back cover of your Cruz.
  • In the lower left corner of the back of your Cruz, locate the battery power cable. Unplug the cable and replug it again.

  • Return the back cover to your Cruz and snap it into place.
  • Re-insert your External SD card and power on your Cruz.