Cruz Reader/Won't turn on?


Dec 20, 2010
I got the Velocity Micro Cruz Reader on Saturday from Borders. I didn't mess with it much till Sunday. And that consisted of tethering it to my laptop for a few transferred pictures and purchasing one book from the Borders App. I happened to glance over at it and realized the screen was black.. And will no longer turn on. Tried the Reset button, it froze on the opening screen and went black once again.

Has anyone heard of or had this happen to them? I'm quite upset that this happened so soon..


Dec 31, 2010
ok so you're going to have to take off the back. be careful as your can screw up your reader. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. carefully take the battery out (there is some tape). and you should see a white cable attached to an 'outlet'. unplug it and then wait about five seconds. plug it back in. this should help. HOPE IT HELPS


Feb 14, 2011
I had the same problem after trying to do the update.....still haven't managed that.....BUT, for this problem, I removed the back of the reader, by placing it on a towel on the countertop, then carefully slid a flat screwdriver around the edge, till I was able to lift the back off. Then with tiny tweezers, I unplugged the battery for 5 seconds. Replaced the plug, and tried the on worked.......put the back on and so far .... so good....hope this helps :)


Feb 28, 2013
Cruz T410 tablet
This worked for me. Also The tablet was not charging full, but all is fine after unplugging battery for 10 sec
it's a good Idea to press power button when battery is unplugged. this will discharge any capacitive systems in tablet.

Tech Note: Face down on soft surface. Start on the Left side of tablet to take off cover (Not the side with USB & Memory Slot) To the left when viewing from the back
Prying up all around will break locking tabs!
gently lift right edge and slide Cover off to the Left this will disengage locking tabs cover will come off easily.
after resetting battery by unplugging for 10 sec, simply lay the cover slightly left push down and slide back into place...
"Hope this Helps":)
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