Custom Sylvania ROM development

There's threads on this already. I use my cwmod to back up but I need to compile the new no keyboard version for the 7" ones still. Universalandroot is the rooting app.
Is there any word on the rom for the sylvania 7 inch tablet? Been looking all over for one but can not seem to find one. Is there any posted? I saw a video on you tube that seemed to show it running but could not find any download links. New to android but used clockwork rom manager and rom toolbox on my evo 4g and can change roms easily on it. Tried to install the clockwork rom on the sylvanyia 7 inch but would not let let me flash the recovery onto it. Not sure what to do about it now. Was thinking if I could get a clockwork recovery on it I could just try flashing various cyanogen mods to see if anyone of them worked. Since I can not seem to install the clockwork recovery on the sylvania 7 inch tablet I guess that's out. Has anyone been able to flash a clockwork recovery on this sylvania 7 inch tablet? If so is there any instructions on how to do that on the web, maybye a link perhaps? I have been trying to make this little tablet into a reader for my wife and it has been frustrating. Has a issue on it where it get the wifi connection for about 4 min or so then i have to turn off the wifi on the tablet and turn it back on to make it work. I was so impressed by all the mod offerings on the evo 4g that I thought it would be great to change the mod on this 7 inch. I have read a lot of posts but not found any workable rom yet.
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