Danale App For Viewing Security Cameras


Junior Member
Oct 18, 2020
Hi All,
I am new to the "wonderful world? "of Android apps. Fairly good PC wise but not a "thumb Typist". I have a cheapo Fusions F104Bv2_PRO Andriod powered machine recently acquired via Amazion. I also have a Anran CCTV system which I would like to view the out put of on the tablet. That's my situation. Now the problems , two apps are recommended by Anran, Danale and ARCCTV. ATCCTV does not appear on the Google play store and Danale seems reluctant to do any thing other than confuse me. When I run it it asks to be selected for one of about 4 devices all greyed out with the exception of my Samsung Mobile. So any advice on Apps that I can install to look at he security system cameras or help with the two apps mentioned would be very much appreciated. Should anyone require any further information do not hesitate in asking.
Regards Me