Forced to Go with Apps Instead of Webpages to View Videos?


Nov 30, 2013
Due to lack of Flash for android i am forced to get an app to stream/view videos on websites. Some websites do not have an app nor do i want to create a waterfall of apps on my tablet.Question here: i might be wrong but isn't an app instead of facilitating possibly an extra layer that delays the speed of viewing ? Apps do crash frequently.When i used to go to websites and view a video directly (through the stable Flash player) the only issue was broadband speed and buffering. I feel with the transition to HTML5 ( thank you Apple;)) it is wide open. Many websites stick with the stable Flash. They've been talking about the demise of Flash for years and Google doesn't support it nor does Adobe any more, that is to say, for tablets/phones. It is still ok for desktops. So i can watch a video that needs Flash on my PC but need an app on my tablet*. That's not helping.
Is time on my side and will Flash be faced out soon? There might be security issues and non standard procedures around HTML5 to work out before that happens.
Am i wrong to think Apple and Google are just arrogant non facilitators in not supporting Flash, or is it just all about the money?

*Example: here in Ireland i can only watch the RTE player via an app on my tablet but not straight through the website which is Flash enabled, even though they've recently gone to HTML5.

Btw, i have downloaded an older android Flashplayer directly from Adobe (and not through Google Play store) to my ASUS memopad7 tablet. But most websites order me to use the latest Flash player which i cannot use on my tablet (thank you Google;)).bummer. Some people have suggested linking a shared folder on PC with my tablet. That is a tad confusing to me. It also means i can't watch anything away from the house.


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Dec 27, 2011
Your first statement is the problem, Adobe doesn't support Flash on Android but it certainly is available and works with most browsers. See the link in my signature that will lead you to a direct download link.