DIY CWM, Root & GApps for Kyros 4042... Get yer hands dirty!


Jun 20, 2012
Hi there everyone. Wonderful forum you have here! Anyhow, lets cut right to the chase shall we? I've been reading thru the gen3 forums here since I recently purchased a Coby Kyros mid4042, and it seems as though *a lot* of people are experiencing all manners of issues with the "custom roms" that are available. Anyhow, I figured I would share my experience with everyone when it comes to rooting, installing clockworkmod and then google apps on my coby.

Straight away I had issues with LiveSuite. I got all the drivers, etc etc. installed right, however no matter how hard I tried, I could not write the *.img to the tablet... SO, I gathered my wits, then stumbled upon a post here titled "Linux Users, Coby 4042, root, recovery, update all without LiveSuite". After reading thru this post, I set out to use this method, but in Windows instead of linux. And ya know what? Its easy, fast and my Tablet is absolutely rock solid! Here is the path I took:

1) Hadn't installed the android sdk yet on this box, so that was step one. This involves installing the java dev kit, then the android dev kit. Windows didn't recognize my coby when I enabled usb debugging, so I checked the unknown devices' deviceid, googled it, found a happy android_winusb.inf to go with the drivers I already had and presto, adb up and running.

2) Downloaded the zip file from above mentioned post (, and followed vampirefo's instructions on pushing the files to the tablet, then followed with the shell commands thru a cmd prompt instead of a linux term. IE: adb shell "chmod 0777 /data/local/tmp/mempodroid" from a windows command prompt. In less than 10 minutes from the time the sdk was finished installing, I was rooted and had clockworkmod on with no issues.

3) Now, the GApps. A quick google search for "GApps ICS" turned up Downloads - Browsing gapps, which had just what I needed:, which I could flash with CWM. So yea, rebooted into clockworkmod, flashed the zip off of internal storage, rebooted and bam, all google apps working flawlessly. Upon reboot it did some updating on its own with no intervention or input from me, which took maybe 20 extra seconds.

4) The final step (for me anyways), which wasn't listed\mentioned in vampirefo's writeup, was the need to update busybox to the latest binary to get root to really behave. Yes, the tablet was, urm, *mostly* rooted.. However some apps such as titanium weren't getting privileges escalated properly. However now, with market working I could hop out and DL busybox updater and fix it lickity split.

Phew! Sorry about the long winded post; I hope you kinda see what I'm getting to here. See that its well within your grasp to skip the whole supposed custom rom bit, and just do it yourself. All the work has been fleshed out for you.. Theres no real uncharted scary territory.. Its all been done and is well documented. And when your finished, and yer tablet is bulletproof.. It just feels GOOD. And yes, I'm afraid now you have me as part of the forum landscape hehe, and will be more than delighted to help in any way I can. Peace! And urm, keep it lit <\\\\\\\\\%*~~^~~