Dragon Touch Tablet


Junior Member
May 15, 2014
I got a dragon touch tablet for Christmas. It worked great for a short time, I only used it maybe 2x's a week for a short time just exploring and learning how to use a tablet as I have never had one before. One night in march it clicked off while I was using it and now I can not get in to turn back on for longer than a sec. I can plug it in with the power cord and every once in a while I will get it to come on long enough to flash Dragon Touch and then it clicks back off. Every once in a while I can also get it to show the large battery icon in the middle of the screen as if it charging but again that will go off. I have tried pressing the reset button on the back of the tablet with no luck. I have tried holding the power button for 60 seconds-no luck. I have tried holding the volume up and down while holding the power button no luck. I have tried charging it with the USB cord that came with it-No sign of charging. I have contacted tablet express as they were the seller through Amazon and they told me my 90day warranty had ran out in February. The warranty starts the day the product is ordered not the day i rec'd it, although they wrapped it acknowledging it as a Christmas Present. i have contacted amazon and was told I had a 60day warranty with them and that it had ran on at the end of January. So now I stuck with a tablet that does not work and my husband spent quite a bit of money on it. I dont know what to do but I would love if someone could give me more suggestions as to what to do.