Eken M002 wont turn on!!

Feb 8, 2011

My Eken m002 arrived today but it wont turn on.

It is fully charged and I triedpushing the round button on the front to get it to start but that didnt work. Is this the way to start it?

The blue light is on under the button so I think it is working.

Im wondering if you need to put an SD card in it for it to work?

Can anyone help?

It seems your tablet is out of order, what is not a surprise, once it is an EKEN. The SD card is important to carry different files, but it is not related to the device malfunction.
I strongly recommend people to avoid buying EKEN. The low price is, actually, extremely expensive, as they sell pieces of trash only. By the way, their support is a piece of trash also (it is a question of coherence, you see). they will never reply your e-mails.
Kind of agree. I had three Ekens and all went dead after a week. I kept one and dumped the other twoem and for about the same price got 3 flytouch's and had better success with it. Able to make the flytouch basically into a cheap ipad type device and love it.