eLocity Firmware updated new version 2.0127

Feb 2, 2011
Released today - Firmware Update - Version 2.0127 (93 MB) - Feb. 4, 2011

  • Download the Firmware Update ZIP file at the bottom of this page to your PC or Mac.
  • Copy the ZIP file from your PC or Mac to a MicroSD card. The file must be copied to the ROOT DIRECTORY of the MicroSD card. Make sure you do not copy the file into a subfolder.
  • Insert the MicroSD into the slot at the top of the A7 Tablet.
  • Plug the A7 Tablet into an electrical outlet using the AC adaptor.
  • Open Settings > About device > System updates > Update device.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts. The system will restart automatically in update mode, then will restart when the update is complete.
  • To confirm that your update has been correctly installed, open Settings > About device. Scroll down to Build version and you should see PBJ8000.2.0127.


Dec 27, 2010
To Sportscenterisnext, Please advise me, I have a Mac desktop, I formatted a 4gb Kingston Micro Sd to Mac format , then went to Elocity to download the zip update 2/4/11, it shows as being downloaded onto the micro sd, when I use my usb card reader on Mac, it shows up as update zip on mini sd, Then I set up elocity a7 to allow unknown third party down loads And it s checked on , then I place the card in slot, and it shows up in top left corner as being there, but when I go to downloads, it says External device being checked for error's, it never gets any further than this, any Idea what I might be doing wrong, its as if it doesn't recognize the card properly. Thanks alcassetta


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Jul 9, 2010
Try contacting elocity support if you are still stuck, and make sure that the microSD is in an Android readable filesystem format (fat or fat32)


Apr 4, 2011
It's regrettable elocity does not post MD5s of firmware images. I'd like to verify the downloaded file.

P.S: someone should update the top post of this thread with April update or remove "sticky" attribute from it.
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