Entourage Pocket Edge out - dual screen android tablet with e-ink & lcd displays


Nov 13, 2010
This looks useful for school use especially.
6" wacom e-ink display on one side, that you can use for e-reading and taking notes and annotating pdfs and webpages and books and so forth with included stylus.
On the other side is a 7" resistive LCD screen with android 1.6.
I don't know anything about the processor, but it does include a camera/webcam.

Sold for about $369-$399 on amazon, walmart sites and elsewhere. They also have an older 10" version for $500-$549.

They do seem to be actively working on updating to a newer version of android. Haven't seen any hacks for it yet, although this post shows how to install a bunch of stuff: http://www.entourageedge.com/forums...ge-eDGe-and-Pocket-eDGe-Welcome-Basket-Part-3

official site:
enTourage eDGe

Dual-screen Android Pocket eDGe (hands-on) | Crave - CNET


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