HSN Launches enTourage Dual Touchscreen LCD & E Ink® Tablet w/Wi-Fi & Built-in Camera


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Aug 4, 2010

7" Touch Screen Color LCD with 800x480 / 6" ( Yes: Vizplex) (No:pearl E) LCD with 800x600

Android OS 1.6 on Tablet / Linux OS on e-Reader side (can be viewed in direct sunlight)
Resistive touch and optical finger mouse
Wacom Penabled
RAM Size Unknown
CPU: Marvel Base
4GB of Internal Storage / 3GB of Internal User Storage Free
32GB microSD card slot, standard USB port, mini USB interface
WiFi 802.11b/g (no N300)
2 megapixel camera with video capability
Track Mouse
16 hours of battery life (6 hours when using both screens or 16 hours on e-Reader side)
USB Ports / USB Host (for keyboards, mouse etc.)
BlueTooth 2.1

Note: You could use it as an e-reader, a notepad or as a netbook–or all at the same time.

$399.99 with payment max is 4 months at $99.97 plus shipping $9.95, no tax for online orders (certain states)
HSN Coby 7" 800x480 KYROS was $199.99 last weekend this one would be additional $200 bucks might be worth it?

Source: HSN

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After some digging, Entourage has been ignoring requests for kernel source. This is currently another GPL violating device. They have even censored discussion of the GPL on their official forums: http://www.google.ca/search?q=entou...s=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a

And I find it hard to trust any manufacturers who can't release their source code, because it means they don't care about software.

For a $200 device, it's not bad. But for $500, this is futility. This is a complicated enough device that would probably mean that it's important to have that sort of thing.
I'm not sure what I think about dual ebook/tabet devices...
This one looks like a cheap (a bit ugly) toy...
Does come in two colors red or black. On the company site you have choices for color at a price point. I thought about and it and the whole idea to have a tablet was to have something thin and weigh less.
Wacom enabled devices are a big selling point. Android just does not have good software for those types of pressure sensitive devices yet.
Android OS 1.6 on this device and weight is 1.3lbs
The photos may be deceiving, but this looks like a fairly thick, heavy and rather not-good-looking unit. Looks like a protopype, actually. The functionality is quite impressive though. I imagine it feelimg as think and heavy as a laptop, but with a much more immediate user interface. I particularly like the quality and speed of the stylus input (many tablets suffer from poor handwriting input). I'd like to get my hands on one to get a better idea. One word of advice to this product's designers, though: this machine has to get way, way thinner to be attractive to the professional crowd.
Maybe if it had more android support... Like the actual android market and such... other than that, this kind of... like dilutes me from getting this type of tablet...