Epad and Sat/Nav in UK


Aug 30, 2010
Hi guys,
Can anybody give a clue as to what kind of Sat/Nav software can be used on an ePad and also what kind of receiver can be used, if any.
I have seen the ePads that have a little slot in the casing for a wired GPS receiver but mine doesn't have that slot. I guess it is a cheaper version. The one I have says it is a ZT180 firmware 2.1 update 1 Kernel version usbandroid 1608.
I would like to use Tom-Tom with a Bluetooth receiver if that would work.
Thanks for the reply, xaueious, but I'm not sure that I understand what you mean.
I am not a PC expert although I know where to plug in a mouse and how to swap a hard drive.
Are you saying that an ePad has to be set up to use Sat/Nav before it leaves the factory where it is made otherwise you can't use it for such a purpose?
I can't get my head round that idea because 99% of laptops made before 2000 were NOT made as Sat/Nav machines and yet you can plug a USB GPS receiver into them along with the software for it and some mapping software like Tom-Tom or Co-Pilot and you suddenly have a voice directions from "A" to "B" and a moving icon on an on-screen map.
Don't these ePads work in a similar way?
The laptops you were on about work only because the manufacturers of the USB devices supply them with a CD with drivers for various operating systems, XP/2K/Win7 and if you're lucky Windows 9x - , mainly because there is a mass worldwide market for those devices.
Now Android AFAIK doesn't have 'drivers' hardware support is integrated into the kernel of the OS itself,so you either need a GPS chip that is supported or a custom kernal, but I bow to the android experts here.