EPAD | GTR | ROOTED CORE ROM | Tz70212 | MARKET | APPLE ICONS | 28 APPS | 12/19/10


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Aug 4, 2010
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Off the bat this ROM has cameras, 3G, ADSL and the Blue-Tooth. It's bundled with 28 APPS these APPS are standard and the rooted core adds. Some new ideas in my testing methods are now included and these APPS will help you. If you looking for more APPS to reduce overhead and you can always get more using Power series like 145.

Flytouch1 | Epad Tablet's 1.7.4 thru 1.9.xx | WMT2.0_88
No .. You need RDX Turbo, but seems you need the features of the GTR then you need the RL which is next to RDX Turbo. RL will be out later today.. Along with the MDX these are for WMT2.0_105 thru WMT2.1.1_105.