Exchange Email Causing Dramas


Nov 16, 2010
Hello folks,

I have a v4.1.2 device that has had 4 imap email accounts set up in the default mail app for a while, and working well. The mail server is my own, part of a shared hosting plan for my home website. There is my main e-mail account, a disposable one for potentially dodgy contacts, and one each specifically set up to receive fax and voicemail messages respectively from my home office server.

I have a new contract with a company that has set up a micro$oft exchange account for me, and I have foolishly tried to add it to my device. Should have run a mile when I read all the permissions the account wanted.

To cut a long story short, the exchange account seems to have been set up ok (at least, the exchange calendar events synced to my device, so communication must have been established). ALL my e-mail accounts have stopped working, so I can't send or receive on any of them from this device. (They are all working fine from another device that never had the exchange virus installed on it....)

So, I deleted the exchange account - but still none of my imap accounts work.

Is there some way I can reverse all of the mail app administration permission that the exchange server demanded when I set up the account?

Thanks in anticipation,