Finding my way around.....


Jun 13, 2012
Hi everyone. New member to the forum. Guess you see what I have for a tablet, plus I have a Motorola ATRIX 4G Android phone. Sometimes I think the
machines have already gained control, but I want to know what they're doing.

I got the ASUS tablet so I could take photos and upload them directly to a Flickr account online, without first moving them to my computer. That part is working great, and I just pick the photo and it uploads them one by one.

My real desire is to find a manual for the ASUS, how to type on the keyboard/dock without send it skittering into another spot on the input panel, and going off on a tangent when it does. I've tried to access the ASUS Transformer Prime forum on this site as well, and for some reason it wants me to register again, says it does not recognize my user name. I'm assuming I am still with the site here, although it is difficult to tell.

I need to get over thinking like Windows OS and figure out how to transfer files and play my music through the larger sound system on my new big computer, via the Bluetooth connection.

But this is all a list of things to learn, things to seek out. For instance, I am on the computer now, which is more stable for seeking information than my tablet. First I have to learn the difference in a tablet and a netbook, a laptop, and a smartphone.

If you see a white haired little old lady wandering around babbling to herself, that would be me. Tinkering with the buttons to find out what they do, and basically having a fine time with another piece of new electronics. It's good to find a place with so much helpful information. :cool:
The one problem I identified from your post is the skittering.;) It's known as wild thumb syndrome. It can usually be corrected by taping the 4th key from the left, top row, on the dock, which disables the touchpad. ;)

Hope that was it.....
Hi BabaGo, congratulations on your new TF201 and welcome to the forum. Glad you decided to join us here at Android tablets. The best forum on this site for asking about a manual and the other things you'd like to learn about your tablet is right here: Asus TF201 Forum The other forum you tried to access is actually a sister site to this one. It's also an excellent resource for your tablet, however after going to: Asus Transformer Tablet Forum you will have to register again. I'll tell them to keep an eye out for a white haired little old lady wandering around babbling to herself and dressed as a pirate.:rolleyes: Enjoy the forum and continue to enjoy that tablet!:cool: