First Ice Cream Sandwich Powered Tablet in the US is Only $120: Ainovo Novo7 Paladin

Kristie -

It isn't you, it's the Paladin. I am a PC-person by trade, though I will admit to being a bit older... mid-50's, a little less 'gadget prone'. HOWEVER, I have half a dozen younger guys around who have also been curious, and together we have probed this thing at least a little. We are all rather stunned by it's inability to run about half of the most important apps - Ones that on are listed via the PC/Web on Android Market as being tested OK with Android 4.0 ICS. No Flash, No Adobe Reader, No Netflix, No Dolphin Browser - and the list of incompatible apps goes on. I saved the original Documents-To-Go, added Kindle, Real Player, Evernote, DropBox, Advanced Task Killer [at first, their included Super Task Killer seemed to bog and quit - JUST when you needed to kill some stuff to get moving again!!], IM+, and of course (!) Angry Birds et al. At first, I could not get the default email to display email right, so loaded K-9, which has worked flawlessly, though now that the default is working again [why suddenly?? dunno...], I may move back to it for consistency sake [I tend to stick with defaults if they are adequate].

I, too, cannot get the tablet to sync/mount correctly with most (all?) of my PC's. Been bypassing with DropBox.

I'm actually considering ditching this for something else. For a Kindle Fire wannabe, this maybe cuts the mustard for half the price, if you don't wanna watch movies. As a true tablet - yawn - Eh!
OH! - Did load Juice Defender, too... Between just getting a dozen or more battery empty/fill cycles in, and Juice Defender's moderate standard setting, battery life has become far more tolerable. With judicious use of the screen, I can get a good 6+hrs in meetings & commuting, without getting below 25% charge. One really GOOD thing.

Trying real HARD not to push iPad expectations on this small tablet. That would not begin to be fair. But really folks! I have had Android phones, and I know what ought to work - and what doesn't on the Paladin. This thing shows ALL the signs of "Rushed to market" to try to get that 'First ICS Tablet' marketing leverage. Ainol needs to be getting out an easily found set of updated firmware - Soon. It doesn't have to be perfect, as what we have is SOOoo far from that now, that as long as it didn't freeze or drop the network connection [ie - easily recoverable errors], it would be a huge improvement, and a move to give us all hope. Only hope I have right now is that enough suckers like me see $100, and plunk the money down, get disappointed, and the folks over at XDA find that THEY can pretty easily improve & succeed where the manufacturer failed.

Would give my eye teeth to know what switch is turned on or off, that absolutely REFUSES to let me even TRY to load certain apps from the Market. They don't even appear on Market from the tablet. On the PC/Web, they appear, but when you indicate you want to load it, app is not compatible with this device. I'm not even allowed to TRY to load it. THAT stinks. I'd rather try, and legitimately report a failure.
Amen!! I am not a techie but do use the computer for a variety of things at work and am also in my late 50's. I have emailed them to see the return proceedure. I don't read Chinese and all the translating is crazy making. Too much trouble!