Flickering lines on screen?


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Jan 8, 2011

I've noticed there's annoying flickering lines on my screen in some cases. It's driving me crazy! Kind of hard to describe, but when in landscape orientation, the lines will flicker across the screen as it is updating.

  • Seems to be more obvious when updating darker background
  • I've noticed it most in Browser and Youtube
    • Often don't notice it on first few loads of pages in browser or vids on youtube.
    • Youtube app itself doesn't show this, it's only when running a video that it may appear.
  • Don't see it happen when playing a 1080p movie from sdcard. Also 1080p output via HDMI to TV. Both appear perfect to my eyes, ie no flickering lines.
  • Games such as Drop and Gem Miner show no flickering lines.
  • I seem to notice it when I switch on wireless, but that's not conclusive. I've sometimes wondered if it's 'interference' or some sort of short with the screen, though that may not make any sense....
  • If I switch the tablet to portrait, the lines are vertical, ie they seem to be the same no matter which orientation the tablet is in.
I kind of think this may be happening if the cpu is maxed out (esp when data is being fed via network/wireless), and screen refreshes become slow enough to 'see'.

Does anyone else see this kind of thing? I'm wondering if I have a faulty tablet, or if it's normal?

BTW, I have a M701-R with #186. Noticed the same with #185 as well.
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