Flytouch 2 will not read MicroSD card.

Jan 10, 2011
I am brand new to both Android and the Flytouch 2 having just received one this morning.

I was mightily impressed with the pad, especially for the price, that was until I tried plugging in a 16gb MicroSDHC card. When I first plug it in it says 'Preparing SD card' then a couple of seconds later it says 'Damaged SD card'. I get the same response in both card slots.

I have tried plugging it in to my main computer and it just shows up as a Fat32 SD card, seems to be no problem there.

Have I bought the right card type, a Class 4 Kingston MicroSDHC card, 16gb?

I can't find anywhere on the Flytouch 2 to reformat the card.

I am stumped. Any help would be gratefully received.
I have been reading through this for info that I can use. Your advise was sound, went to my computer and reformatted and viola. Saved me a trip back to store. I say a loud "thank you".