Flytouch I wont/will/wont charge


Dec 25, 2010
I was using my flytouch till the battery died, so i plugged it in and tried to turn it back on. Usually it will recognize that its plugged in and load up like normal. well it was acting like it didnt have enough juice to boot up, and wouldnt boot :(. So I let it sit charging for a few hours, and was able to boot it up like normal. After boot I took out the power and it said 50% battery so I left it plugged into charge. I came back to it about 30 min later and it was off like it was dead again.

Anyone else have this issue?:confused:

I've had that same problem a lot. mine is off right now, plugged in, and the charging light stays on for a good 10 seconds, then turns back off. I have to continually unplug, then replug it in every 10 seconds or so. Sometimes I'll get lucky and it will stay charging for a minute solid, w00t. stupid device!