FOUND FIRMWARE ! aPad Blue led 9v rk2808a - board FH-TONG 7.2 Bootloader 4.07


Jul 16, 2011
wifi problem...
unable to start wi-fi...

old firmware laotang.eng.gump.20100926.220813 rk2808sdk rockchip ver 1.2.7 (fh-tong) 2.6.25

please wi-fi not work and a old firmware i need...:((

or fix wi-fi please..

location select turkey turkish but not menu or button turkish language..i need turkish language

[email protected] please help me..? old firmware update.img i need...

After trying tones of firmwares , i have finally found one that works for my rk2808a tablet , and after reading many of the posts here i saw that many of you have this board revision so i thought i should post it here.
Found it on a russian android forum (thank you google translate).

Description (of my old tablet):
Plastic back , camera in the middle , 9v charger , blue led
Model number : rk2808sdk
Firmware version 1.0.1
Kernel Version 2.6.25 rockchip version 1.2.7 (FH-TONG)
Build Number : laoTang.eng.temp.20100917.094135
Board : FH-TONG 7.2 , Samsung memory chip , RK2808a

Unbricked it with the needle trick and used RKAndroidDM to flash
Flash took about 1 minute and a half , i kept the home button and menu button pressed the whole time but i don't know if it was necessary.

aPad boots fine. It reached the touchscreen calibration screen but i have not mounted the touchscreen yet , i will give you guys more details when i have the time.
File name : apad_rk2808_v4_tim_edition.img (58.73MB)
Download Link : - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
:cool: let me know if it worked for you !