Froyo and Ziio 7


Mar 29, 2011
Hallo, I'm evaluating the possibility of buying a tablet.
Given that I would use it 95% as a portable media player and to surf the net I think I need
- android 2.2 or higher
- flash supported
- possibility to play any kind of video
- possibility to be a remote control for my pc
- max 200 eur

I thought that Ziio 7 could be a good option, found at 700 pln (180 eur) in Saturn, after the recent upgrade to froyo.

My only problem is that I haven't found any review on this update.
How does it work?
Do we have Android Market?
Is there enough power to run flash properly?
And what about other apps?
In the previous version there was no android market, is there any possibility to run around this limitation? can I download my apps any other way?

Hello Ryoga,
I understand your excitement in purchasing a new tablet. I think you have to realize there is no perfect tablet and those which come close might best be described as way too expensive or requiring on going modification. In addition, You really must know what it is you want. I've found it in the Ziio.
To answer your questions in no particular order...
1. There isn't market support and yes there is a number of ways around this. There are other sites which list Android Apps. No one here would help you beat the market. From what I've seen it's not what this site is about. You may know someone who will have free android apps.
2. Yes there is enough power to run flash videos. In fact, I've been playing Youtube HD videos which I downloaded. The Creative player plays them better without skip or hesitation unlike other video player Apps I've tested . I'm pleased with the ziio screen. Apps are responsive and I have found no lag.
3. I've had no problems with Android 2.2.
4. I don't know anything about using the ziio as a remote control for the PC. I'm still trying to use speech recognition on the PC.

I'm guessing you already know about Creative's outstanding sound due to hardware and software and their new and exclusive cutting edge sound technology over blue tooth. I have no less than three blue tooth sets and use my creative at the gym while on the treadmill. The sound over Bluetooth while watching music and movies was a deal maker for me. It's outstanding.

Good luck on your search.
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I've bought Zio at 699 pln (180 eur), but actually the official youtube website runs videos very very slowly, even worse with other websites.
Is there any trick I don't know?
I'm watching YouTube videos in full screen as I type. Try and close down all other applications prior to visiting the sites. you may also want to try another browsers like dolphin. I prefer to download videos convert them to mp4s and create playlists for running on the treadmill at the gym. It's a great distraction. I also have movies loaded on my device such as True Grit, The Punisher, and O brother Where For Art Thou. Great Player for sound and video!
The first thing I do when I turn on the ZiiO is use the task manager to close tasks.

I find Weather app, ebay, iplayer and firefox all start on boot (aswell as some others).