ZiiO 7" + GPS (Samsung GT-B2710)


Dec 17, 2011
Hello everyone!

I just got myself a a ziio 7" and for most of it I am very happy with it.

Everything except the fact that I intended to use it as a navigator in my car. Since it has no own GPS I have tried connecting a keomo bluetooth GPS device to it and also my Samsung GT-B2710 which has GPS.

To connect these I am using BlueGPS as has been written in other posts. As also said the devices are "Paired But Not Connected" as described and selected as a source in BlueGPS

however the software I am using on the ZiiO cannot find a GPS signal ("GPS Status" and "iGO")

any idea what could be the problem?
You've described a nagging problem. The essence is the map application you are using has to "connect" to the bluetooth device. The BlueMouse and other tools all seem to help make the GPS stream accessible to various apps, but it takes some time to get them all working together.
I've used Locus with some success but downloading the maps is a pain in the behind.
Where I wound up was buying a standalone GPS off of eBay as the map downloading was a huge issue and just not worth the hassle, and then you have the problem of seeing all this while you are driving or even walking. Tablets just don't make good GPS devices. They are OK in a pinch and if you are using a downloaded map as a reference, but they aren't good for turn by turn.

Oh, and by the way. Once you start an app like Locus you have to tap on the GPS satellite and then there is an option to Connect to your GPS stream provider.