Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Has Been Damaged?


Feb 6, 2014
Late last night my Tab Pro 8.4 started to act very strange in a bad way.:/

For about 20 minutes each time i pressed the hardware buttons they would not work and could not get out of any app and the time indicator in the top corner kept disappearing, and reappearing again about every 2 minutes and the sceen kept going off by it self randomly so i had to get the sceen on again by pressing on and of button and i kept trying to shut down my tablet but unable to because of the on and off button was not working.. :/

The only time the hardware buttons worked probably again was when the time indicator kept on reappearing and after the time indicator disppear again the hardware button stop working again.

And after about 20 minutes after i downloaded a Shut down app from Google Play Store to shut down the tablet all of the problems(time indicator disappearing, Hardware buttons not working) gone and working fine after that.

I have NEVER ever had this before on my tablets like ever and i scanned for viruses on CM security and did not find any viruses so i'm virus free but i got a feeling that my tablet has been hacked.

I did a factory reset today and the problem is still there!!!

I think the hardware(CPU/GPU) has been damaged after lots of accidental drops on to the floor. :( :(
And i can't get the Tab Pro 8.4 repaired because of the warranty of 1 year has expired since May.

So what shall i do? Should i get a new Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4? I really like the 8.4 inch tablets..

Has my Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 been damaged???


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2011
Drops are not good. My guess is that a cable has dislodged, at best. The questions become are you brave enough to open it and see or are you willing to take it to a repair shop and pay to have it checked out? They may not be able to fix it.