Good Photo Viewer App


Dec 29, 2010
Hi everyone,

Yesterday evening I picked up a Nook Color. I spent this morning orienting my self with it and rooting it.... so far im really liking it.

My main complaint is the way it displays photos. I am a photographer, and one of the big reasons I wanted a tablet was to display portfolio images to clients. The "gallery" view is thumbnailed, but lumps everything together into one big gallery. When looking at the photos through the library file viewer, im able to organize them into sub folders, but there are no thumbnail views... and having to click on a photo to see it is too cumbersome.

Are there any good apps or workarounds so that I can organize my photos into thumbnail galleries?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
I can point you to an Android 2.1 gallery that works like it does on phones: your first gallery view is a thumbnail for each folder of images (subfolders are handled on the same level, I think). It also does nifty things like tilt the thumbnails if you tilt the device. ;)

I like "just pictures". It can keep separate folders of pictures on your sd card and it can also link to online galleries like flickr, facebook, etc. it has Many nice features like wrap around. The developer is very active and releases updates with new features frequently. Looks great on the nook.

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I wrote a viewer using the NOOK web browser to view your photos. It uses a desktop application to organize your photos into albums. You then transfer the albums to your NOOK. In the viewer you can select from any of the albums and navigate through the pictures. It does not yet have thumbnails, but it would not be too hard to add (especially if you try it and tell me you will buy it). If you are interested, check out piikNOOK - A Picture Viewer for NOOK. You can download it for free and try it out (currently advertise that it is for windows, but you can always unzip the file and run it on a mac -- just doesn't support the mac menus and finder and dock). The free version puts a watermark over your pictures, but you will get to see if it suits your needs. I would be interested in your feedback. Thanks.