GPS alternative for Haipad 701


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Nov 4, 2010
as you all know, the Haipad 701 does not come with GPS - I have a Verizon MiFi modem/hotspot which connects via 3G and serves as a wifi hot spot for my tablet. I used maps to locate my tablet then use directions to get to my destination - seems to work ok in map mode, able to follow my tracks - then i turned on Navigation and sends me to the settings panel for Locations and Security - i selected use wireless network as location sensor and also checked on GPS
note navigation does not work unless you click 'Use GPS satellites" in the location settings

so it looks like it is able to follow me, i perdiodicaly check the map and it is tracking good but there is no voice command - Navigation has a message "Searching for GPS"

so posting it here in case someone might be able to provide a good work around for the voice instructions part


Sep 22, 2010
Would this scenario work by using my Verizon Eris as a WiFi hotspot using wireless tether?