GrandPrix Live Racing-new game for Android!


Jul 6, 2010
Hello, I would like to let you know about a new racing for Android: GrandPrix Live Racing!
GrandPrix Live Racing sports a great physics simulation and 4 full 3d tracks based on real circuits of Silverstone ,Monza,Spa-Francorchamps and Interlagos with 5 different car models.
Each one has its own power, grip and car mass.

Once you pick one, climb behind the wheel and start your engine!
Link to Android Store (only from your Android device):


Promotional price $ 1.25
Screenshot links :


Jun 11, 2010
Is there a demo version available? Most games with 3D graphics don't run that well on the Android tablets that are currently out (Eken M001/M003, aPad, Moonse E-7001, etc)


Aug 20, 2010
new guy here. Been watching the android pad market for a bit. Finally found one that I deemed worthy. The G10 from Buy Gpad G10 Android 2.1 MID 7 Inch 1080P 3D Games Multi-Touch Gravity Sensor Compare Gentouch78 compare price at

Bought 1 for myself and my oldest son. He has been showing the videos about it to his friends.. they all want one now. If it accually works like it does in the videos they are going to be selling alot of these this christmas. $178! Now I am hearing about alot of big name guys comming out with android tablets. I feel its because they see this market trend being done by these small companies in china.

So all of these 3d games have me pumped. No longer do I have to deal with my htc phone small screen.. or lug around my darn laptop. I see this as the year that ended the IPAD and android taking the market share purely because of cost. And if you want to pay IPAD prices... you can get a win7 pad which is more compatable to the real world.

I love this site great ammounts of info.

Now side note... I wish that someone with money would start a plant here making these things. At least assembled in america! I would pay an extra 50-100 just for that.


Senior Member
Aug 4, 2010
This should work on the Gentouch78 the pool game demo works great in 3D.This one I would like to try it out and test it.