Gtablet WILL NOT go into revocery mode!


Jul 28, 2011
Hi there. I installed clockworkmod recovery so I can flash a new rom on it, but since I installed clockwork I can't get into recovery mode! I hold down the power and volume + button, but it just sits at the boot screen. It says 'recovery key pressed, loading recovery kernel image' but just sits there! What do I do?
Hellooo? ANYONE OUT THERE? This is my second try to get help with this, doesn't anyone know?
which version of clockwork are you trying to install the one useing the internal sdcard or the external sdcard?
See bishop of technology for a how to. I followed it, and have since upgraded to cm 7.1 rc 1.

By any chance are you in Austin, tx? If so we could meet somewhere.

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when you installed this did you actually see clockwork install?... try looking to see if there a file in the recovery folder from your file manager... open it if there is one, it's just a text file so you can use the standard file editor... this file is the command promt for the STOCK recovery.. it tells the recovery program what to do and where to do it from. In this case it's teeling the recovery to run the file and where it's stored.... make sure the command line that shows up directs to the "sdcard".. not "sdcard2"... if it is to the sdcard2 just delete the 2 save the file back out and reboot.. if none of this is the case.. try deleting the it's been reported that in some cases it's causing conflicts in going into recovery..

if all of this fails just simply try to reload clockwork all over again....
I have a similar issue. I have TnT Lite on my tablet now and it is working fine with now issues. I want to install the new honeycomb os on my tablet but I can not get into recovery mode.

I get the "Recovery Key Detected" in the upper left corner of the screen while the VS Birds logo is on the screen then it got to the next screen w/ gtablet logo, then a black screen loads with a box and status bar, then NOTHING it resets.

Any ideas?