Haipad M701-R favorite apps?


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Oct 10, 2010
Browsing the Market & installing apps only to find out they don't work or are useless is a real time waster. (or are phonies, adware, or worse)

What apps have you found to be really useful and worthwhile?

I'm still looking for a useful PDF reader that will save my place when I close it. Adobe doesn't do this.


Dec 14, 2010
im using pdf viewer and adobe reader, favorit use adobe, smooth and easy to read all files, color or blackwhite


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Oct 5, 2010
Adobe Reader X - but I agree it needs more features added to it!


Retro Games
Frodo C64 (Commodore 64 emulator)
SNESoid Lite (Super Nintendo emulator)
TigerArcade (MAME emulator)

New Games
Angry Birds Seasons (totally addicted!)
Grand Prix Live (only racing game I've got to work so far)
aTilt 3D Labyrinth (has settings to accommodate screwy g-sensor)

Web Browsers
Dolphin Browser HD (yay! tabbed browsing!)
Opera Mini (Opera Mobile only works right under original firmware)
Android Tablets Forum app (of course!)

Media Apps
Television (BluMedialab.com)
XBMC Remote (I have an XBMC media center I control with this - it also streams music over my LAN)

Graphics Apps
Photoshop Mobile

System Apps
LCD Density (especially if using #121 firmware)
Terminal Emulator (some people like ConnectBot better, both work)
Android System Info
Apps Installer
Dec 30, 2010
Air Control Light - is an addictive little game that makes you realise maybe what a hard job an air traffic controller has. Hope they don't crash as many planes as I have.

Basketball Shots 3D - what I assessed as being the best basketball shooter game.

Hungry Shark Part 2 from Future games of London - Love it being Jaws for the day.

Aldiko Book Reader - great if you need to read some free classics and other not so classic books.

a Bubble Pop - If you love to pop bubblewrap and are crazy that way

Dice 2.2 - If you have lost your dice for your favourite boardgame.

Paper Toss - Another addictive game where you simply have to throw paper in a bin.

SoundHound - Which for me is one of the greatest apps until now developed because how many times have you forgotten a song and only remember the melody but not the words. This records you and then searches the internet to find information about the song. Not sure how it deals with foreign songs, maybe I'll test it but with English songs it is great especially if you hear a song on the radio and you hold your device close to it. Superb app - highly recommend!

With so many apps, it is hard to say which ones to download but these are some of the ones I have found maybe not always useful but fun to use.


Dec 14, 2010
Best pdf reader is Ezpdf...........i had try adobe, pdf viewer, text viewer, etc
Very smooth, faster than others


Sep 24, 2010
Aside from the great ones already mentioned, My most recent favorite is Slideshow bob.

I bring my tablet to work, mainly to use as a photo frame and Slideshow bob does a great job, lets me a pick a folder on my SD card, and it simply displays the pictures.