Hardware Upgrade.


Dec 26, 2010
after perusing Dhgate for a while, I've noticed that those shiny capacitive screens can be had for around 45$ shipped. now, I'm a hardware guy and love fixing small electronics so this *in theory* seems like a simple change out, however i know better and acknowledge that there are "drivers" (not a huge linux user, just part time, so I'm not sure proper terminology) and such for the screen and its logic board. however, I'm not sure if the logic of what you are touching (where) is controlled via the motherboard or a separate logic board on the screen if its the latter than that makes it easier to replace, otherwise I'm going to need to be a software guy to make the new screen work. any insight you guys have on this? or any flytouch 2 specific break down tuts? if you think im bats**t crazy, i am but if this is easy enough im willing to do a full tut for everyone.
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