My time with the Sylvania .... the good and the bad.


Apr 13, 2011
I just bought myself one about an hour ago, I go to turn it on and the screen won't turn on. Should I let it charge the full 6 hour's before trying it a 5th time? I tried it right after I bought it but it wouldn't come on (i'm assuming because it had no charge) tried it 2 more time's before I realized it was probably dead and needed a charge. So when I got home ZI put it to charge and after about 30 minute's I tried to turn it on again and no luck. After an hour passed I tried again and still no power. If anyone can help please feel free to reply to this. Thank's so much.

I know it sounds crazy but people have done it before, but did you peel the screen sticker off?
Mine came on without charging, might be best to return it for another.
Good luck:)

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May 1, 2011
Hmm my comment did not show so gonna post it again. Haha yes I did peel the screen sticker off. Was the first thing I did and it did not come on right out the box. Going to let it charge all night and see in the morning and if it doesn't come on in the morning i'm going to return it and get another one lol. And thank's. :)