Has anyone figured out any solution to the ad hoc connection problem?


Oct 25, 2010

I have posted this query multiple times and i haven't received any proper response from any of the experienced guys out here. Just requesting you guys to please help!

Just because i don't have a router, i am unable to access internet on my haipad. The best i can do is create an ad-hoc connection on my laptop/pc and somehow try connecting to it but that's the limitation of android by default, no ad-hoc support.

I tried modifying the wpa_supplicant.conf file to manually add an entry for my ad-hoc network and then it does connects, but the biggest problem is i am unable to connect to a password protected ad-hoc connection. It's wierd but i don't know why.

Community, please please please help!
moxiebee, click on the word connectify in that post.
It is shown in a different color because it is a web link.

I would like the Ad Hoc thing to be fixed in Android, personally.

I know my tablet might make it out of the house once in a while if I could use my cell phone's Wifi connection like my other gear can.
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The adhoc problem is fixed already by the community. Google just has to fix it in AOSP, but manufacturers don't use the newest code all the time.
I had the same problem. No help or ideas from anywhere. I could only log on with a router restart. Finally i changed my netgear to a belkin and now have no issues whatsoever

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