having difficulty getting/purchasing several games on my transformer


Aug 4, 2011
anything at all from gameloft i cant get.
they either

- arent listed at all on the tablets marketplace app
- are listed in my pc's browser android market but marked as incompatible.

- i get message saying 'device incompatible. recheck network connection or wapbrowser' when trying to navigate to gameloft.com from the browser on my transformer tablet.

- cant purchase the xoom, or other tablet versions, from my pc browser because they ask for a mobile phone number/carrier in the purchase screen

ive read about people playing them, and ive also read that somewhere that gameloft had recently made a small amount of titles (about 5) available to transformer owners. is my browser bugged? its the standard/default honeycomb one. whatever that one is.


next up.

a few things from EA dont show up. i particularly want need for speed shift - its supposed to work on transformers and other tablets but, again, its not listed in my devices app store. even if i type the name into search all i get is some cheapo cheat unlocker program.

app brain lists it, but when i go from there to the purchase page it says its not compatible

the incompatible message in the pc browser android market site says the game isnt in my region. need for speed shift isnt available in the UK??? wtf???

whats up with these problems im having?
can anyone help me out. i just wanna buy some games and relax.

im in the UK if it matters.
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Aug 31, 2011
Hi brandysnap,

I get the same message for Need for Speed - Shift here in Australia.

Does EA actually not want to sell games? :confused: