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Apr 27, 2011
So my iconia a500 came with full versions of lets golf, and need for speed. Also a limited hero of sparta. After trying hero of sparta, I decided it rocks and hit the get the game button. After entering my info and purchasing it, I can't find a way to actually upgrade the free version to the full version. I got emails from gameloft confirming my purchase, however it is impossible to get the full version anyway but thru an SMS link sent to you. Now gameloft website says not compatible with my device. Then why the hell did it come with a free version? Also the tegrazone app no longer shows it as available. Anybody else having the same problems?

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Not sure mine seems to work fine I thought it was the full game. I just loaded it and it does say get the game on the bottom. I feel jipped now I thought it was the full game. I just did a search on tegrezone and it just says no results found. must of been pulled from the market. Your gonna have to contact gameloft me thinks.
Mine tells me that it needs to download something from the Internet. I tell it yes and it says I'm not connected to the Internet. Well then, why is my WIFI running, how can I browse the web if I'm not connected? I don't know what's up with it but I'm not much of a gamer so it is not big loss but I thought it would be nice to at least be able to check it out.
I had a similar problem with HoS. I purchesed the full game thru the sale they had along with Dungeon Hunter HD. Dungeon hunter downloads all the files needed, then the screen goes blank and exits to the home screen. The HoS game still plays just the trial and the apk for the full version doesn't install properly. I have emailed Gameloft, they responded about a week later with new download links for both games. They still do notwork. Emailed back three days ago no response yet. When I first got the tablet on launch day in the US I clicked the shortcut to the gameloft HD games available and it had Lets Golf, HoS, and Dungeon Hunter. If you click on it now it says revisit us soon, HD games coming soon. I'm assuming there is a known issue with the games on the iconia tab which is why they pulled them. Hopefully things will be back up soon.

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I had that issue with another program. What I found I had to do was to delete the original program and download the full program. Not sure that would work in the case of this game, though. Can you see it in your market listing or (if you use one) your uninstaller? I'd try that route.
I did not do it from the marketplace, but from gamelofts website directly. Unfortunatly, I had tried deleting all files from the internal storage with astro file manager, along with uninstalling the game itself and it did not help. Thanks for suggestions tho.

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Just heard back from Gameloft again. My HoS game is now working properly. I just logged in to view my games and redownloaded it again, and this time it worked. On the other hand, however, they stated that there is a bug with Dungeon Hunters and they are working to resolve it but don't think it will be done anytime soon. So they offered me a new game at no charge. Either HoS, Lets Golf, or some Spider-Man game. I took the Spider-Man game considering I already have the other two. A bit disappointed since I'm not a huge Spider-Man fans, but at least they aren't ignoring the issue.

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Concerning Gameloft -- Yeah it's really confusing, considering the moniker, when some game is titled "Something HD," and yet it doesn't work on tabs.
So I got Spiderman ffrom gameloft. Its working fine and is actually not that bad of a game. Would still have preferred Dungeon Hunter, but its better than nothing. If anyone is able to get Dungeon Hunter working please share.

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how do i delete a gameloft game off my android!!!!

Uninstall in the usual manner then you will have to delete the data stored on the sd card. It will be easier if you are using a file manager like ES File Explorer.

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