Hello All


Jun 13, 2011
Hello All! As a new member, let me introduce myself.

My name is John Richards, a retired Anglican clergyman, living in West Wales, UK. I have been in computing since the ZX81 days, and in Linux since very early days of RedHat, Slackware and Mandrake. At present I run a multiple boot setup on my main desktop, Windows 7 with Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSUSE. My main use is in Linux, for study purposes, but I keep a dedicated ntfs Partition for Data, which can be accessed from either a Linux setup or Windows. I need to keep a Windows installation for certain special programs which I cannot run in Linux - eg. BibleWorks, Adobe Acrobat and OCR packages.

I have recently bought an Acer Iconia tablet, and find it very good in general, but with certain reservations. Above all I would like to be able to link it by wireless to my Windows Workgroup network, like I can my wife's laptop. At present I have not worked out whether this is possible. (One of my main reasons for joining the forum!!

Ciao everyone.