Hello everyone


Dec 6, 2010
Complete newb to Android here.
Well versed in PC's (Web Designer by trade) so hoping to pick up all this rooting/flashing business fairly quickly.

Just got my first tab (4GB 7" MID X5A) and so far so good - except the seemingly common battery issue and the widget list not showing any widgets :confused: - apart from that I love it.

Hoping to climb a steep learning curve with the help of you guys then, when I can, will hopefully put back what I initially get out for other newbs. (I hate being a newb, makes me feel like I'm back in my first job all confused and bewildered. All good for my personal drive though.)

Example of Android newb moment :- I BOUGHT MY PAD OFF EBAY. Haha!
I know, I know,,,, well, I now know. Tablets (yes I bought 2) seem good though so fingers crossed I'm one of the lucky ones.


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Nov 26, 2010
mattengland: I sure know how you feel. I have many years in the IT field, and many years in on-line marketing. I also feel like a newb when it comes to these devices. It does feel like the first day back on the job. You have to start some where though, right?

It sure sucks about the battery uses on those types of Tablets. I've seen quite a few people mention that over the last few weeks. I'm glad everything else is working out though. Tablets are awesome devices, and hopefully you learn as much as you can about them.. and soon enough, be able to help other newbs :)