Hello Everyone


Jan 31, 2011
Hi, my name is Bill andam new to the Forum and new to Android operating system. I had been holding out on getting a smart phone because I did not want the big bill every month. So I decided to by an android Tablet. After extensive research i settled on the Huawei s7 and could not be happier with my choice. My cell is a lg chocolate touch so I acutally am used to and prefer the resistive type screens. I am very happy to see lots of activity on the forum for the s7, its very encouraging. I purchased my s7 before the pending 2.2 release was announced and at 299. Thanks to this forum, I was able to get confirmation on the eventualy release of 2.2 and found out about a BB sale that netted me a 50 refund. I am still getting my feet wet here and don't know to much about, roms, rooting, and other techincal stuff, but hopefully I will be able to learn all I need to know here. I have checked out several other android forums including xda but I like this one the best. Glad to meet everyone, looking forward to all the cool stuff I can do on my tablet, I already have lots of music, a few games, some cool apps, and lots of cool movies (courtesy of my library and that wonderful peice of freeware called handbrake)