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Dec 16, 2010
Hi I came from XDA forums here looking for other tablets and realized that my tablet is not even on this forum. My tablet of course is the Viewsonic G Tablet(below).

For those unfamiliar with the Viewsonic G Tablet here is a picture of it.

Processor: 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 - Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU
Memory/Storage: 16GB internal memory (expandable up to 32GB via Micro SD Card)
OS: Google Android 2.2 Froyo
Screen: 10.1" Capacitive LCD with LED driver system and 1024x600 resolution
Graphics and Video Support:
NVIDIA Tegra 2
OpenGL ES 2.0
32-bit LP-DDR2, DDR2
S1080p H.264/H.263/ VC-1/MPEG-2/4/WMV9/DiVX 4/5 Video Decode
1080p H.264/MPEG-4 Video Encode
Supports multi-standard audio formats, including AAC, AMR, WMA, and MP3
1.3-megapixel front facing camera
Networking: WiFi : 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
USB 2.0 (Slave)
Mini USB 2.0 (Host)
3.5mm stereo headphone
Micro SD
Dock for HDMI/Headphone/USB (optional)
DC Input (Power)
Battery: 3650mAh Li-ion polymer battery (10-12 hours of battery use)

Those specs are from the Viewsonic website.

The Pros: Great battery life, active development and support, both from manufacturer and owners/hackers. Speedy, responsive capacitive touchscreen, 10" display, Nvidia Tegra 2! Full Adobe Flash!

Cons: Some bad viewing angles, speakers aren't that loud. From what I can understand the G or Accelerometer sensor is having some software problems which makes it stuck on 1 axis.

From my experience: I bought it after falling for the Android Tablet hype earlier this year. I already loved android and having something big which I can use my Documents2Go at school and do online homework at school without carrying a lumpy laptop and back pack to school seemed like a good idea. I was doing research for over a month and stumbled onto XDA where the community took off with the Viewsonic G Tablet. After I saw their work I immediately saw through the jewel the G Tablet was. I purchased it and tried my hand at rooting and flashing immediately. I bricked it and returned it in exchange for a new one which was on sale for $350 at the time and got a $30 return. (I bricked it because I decided to skip some steps on the flash procedure and nothing I did afterwards fixed it. This includes the infamous Nvflash via PC.) On my second tablet I followed all the steps and did all the trouble shooting and got it to work without a problem.

Some really awesome things about it:
Gmote: It is beastly on this tablet. Since it is a 10" screen the virtual keyboard feels like an actual keyboard. This is so nice when i Gmote my G Tablet to my HP laptop onto my 46" HD LCD TV via HDMI out(1080p).
Flash: I can finally watch and read my favorite mangas and animes on the go, at home, at school or anywhere there is wifi!
Adhoc: What can I say? I wifi tether my old G1 to my tablet and surf the net anywhere. Yesterday at work I was online all day with my G1 in my office hotspotting me. I must have used it for over 4 hours and the battery barely faded from 100% to 93% by the time I left.
Documents2Go(Paid): I love to write down ideas whenever I get them, I used to use my G1 for this but the small screen kinda make it feel watered down. Now I can read everything I write vividly.
Angry Birds: LMAO!
Google Voice: Makes it crazy to text on this big thing. LOL! Pretty cool to use it to text.


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Aug 6, 2010
The G Tablet is an impressive machine. And it is so close to my dream tablet. If only the firmware out of the box matched the hardware. Viewsonic has previously been good on long term support. This is one of the tablet types still useful a year from now.



Dec 16, 2010
Thanks! Check out XDA, the community really took off with it. They improved the stock firmware and removed the ugly interface. Viewsonic has already released some major updates with promises to further improve the dual core CPU and how the OS uses it!
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