Jun 24, 2010
Hello, Android Tablets community! I'm new here, so I'll tell a little about why I joined...

I have no Android tablet right now, but am extremely interested in getting one in the near future. I currently have the Droid phone with Verizon and that's what has made me fall in love with Android! I found these forums via droidforums.net. My phone is rooted and OC'ed and I mess around with custom ROM's and themes when I get the chance. I signed up here because it's really hard to find good info on any Android Tablets! I was told there was no good ones out there currently, but there was a rumor about a Google/Verizon one in the works that would rival the iPad. I think an "over sized Droid" would be awesome, though and if it worked as good as my phone did with the Android OS, I'd probably get that over a new laptop (if it's built right).

OK that's my introduction.