Help!!!ALMOST THERE Colby Kyros 7015A of 01/26/11.


Jun 25, 2011
I recieved a Colby Kyros 7015A for graduation and just found out that I can advance it by rooting it.
I have Z4 ROOTand Terminal Emulator on my Colby; ADB Interface in PC. and recovery.img in my sdcard as well as the Update.ZIP.
I followed all the directions with using Terminal Emulator and Command Prompt on my PC but I cant seem to command the flash_image. Whenever I used the flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img command in Command Prompt the flash_image would not be found.
Another thread suggested to try in Terminal Emulator :

# cp /sdcard/flash_image /system/bin/flash_image
# chown /system/bin/flash_image
# chmod 0755 /system/bin/flash_image

But it tells me: cp: can't stat '/sdcard/slash_image': No such file or directory

Its just the commanding that has got me frustrated. Ive learned that the way to get the Clockwork Mod Recovery may have changed since most of the forums. I have a Colby Kyros 7015A of 01/26/11. To my understanding that means the flash_image isnt in it? Im just in a runt. I really dont want to quit..Im too close to. If anyone can find some time to help me, that would be greatly appreciated!! I would love my dad to see me accomplish something technical. Im working on my 3rd day!!
Much Thank yous in advance. :)
Sincerely, A Frustrated Teen