ADB Flashing ClockWorkRecovery trouble


Aug 11, 2011
After 2 days of madness, I finally got adb talking to my gtab which I cant get into recovery mode.
I have picked up gtab.cwm.3028.1.2.branch.rev5.rar and was running the following to get the image over and using flash image to get it flashed.
SOmething like this below taken from here.

adb push c:\flash_image /sdcard/
adb push c:\recovery.img /sdcard/
adb shell
mount -o remount, rw /system
cp /sdcard/flash_image /system/bin
cd /system/bin
chmod 777 flash_image
flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img

When I got to the CP command I get cp not found.
I can see that the files are on the device. How can CP not be there. What got me here was installing a CWM 1.1 on a 1.2 device. Im desperately trying to get this CWM on the gtab so I can get cyanogen on. I cant boot to recovery and nvflash not working. Took quite a while to get adb working and now I have a cp problem.
Help please.
Ah, that's sort of an easy one. Turns out the library of commands is abbreviated...there are a number of linux commands that are normally added by installing busybox on the tablet. Since you used "adb shell" as I understand you were then running commands through the gTab's own set (terminal emulation, which lacks cp, mv, rm, and several other basic commands). If busybox was installed you might try "busybox ls" and if it works, then "busybox cp /sdcard/flash_image /system/bin" should also work. I just checked the commands in busybox and chmod is another one it includes.

Mike, this morning's a bit of a blur...can you remind me what's not working with nvflash? That should be the easiest solution at this point.

Actually I went here and somehow managed to get installed the CWM and stock ROM.
Geez. Unbelievable. His bat file worked and Im too tired to figure out why.