HELP!!!can not figure the apad out


Oct 16, 2010
Hi I've had the apad for bout 2months now and i think its the version 1.6....I cant figure out how to get flash downloaded..i cant watch any videos on music wont play...i can get on facebook and other stuff but anything that has to do with videos or music it doesnt work...the app market sucks...i cant find any facebook apps...or any apps that i need...when on facebook using my apad it says download facebook for your xperia somethin and when i click that it goes to a google page sayin that the page has been moved...when i got to other android app stores to download apps that ill use and i need it tells me that i cant dowload them cause i havent downloaded their store and when i try to do that it doesnt show up or getting so stinkin frustrated with the thing ive gotten on youtube to try and figure it out but everything is in chinese...can somebody please help me with gettin this thing usable before i throw it away...thanks a lot...emily