How do you log off from Facebook?


Dec 18, 2010
I've just purchased the following for my daughter: 7" APad iPed iRobot Google Android Tablet UMPC MID Wifi. I finally got it connected to my wireless at my house and have been trying to get things ready on it for Christmas. I wanted to see if Facebook would work on here and logged in. Well, it works, but I can't figure out how to log off of it.

Also I had used a friend's A-Pad a few months ago and was able to get to pull up on it. Mine will pull it up but says that I need to download Adobe Flash Player. It won't let me do that though, saying that's an unsupported device. Can anyone help me?

I'm not very tech-savy at all. I just bought this for my 11 year old daughter so she could have it to play around with and get on her favorite websites. Also I've downloaded a few apps from the App Market, but only 2 have been stored. Now it says my internet connection isn't available, but it clearly is because I'm typing away on this forum (from my laptop). I'm so aggravated right now! Help please.
Either clear data from Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications, or uninstall it.
Same problem here, I just clear cache and try to go to another url and back to facebook see if alredy logout, try it 2 times switch url works for me
Hi, how did you clear the cache in android OS? Can you specify the procedures. Thanks!
Had same problem with my Tel7J. However thanks to Xaueious' instructions all fine: I select "clear data" and "Force Stop" (from Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Facebook) when I'm done with my Facebook session. If you then restart the Facebook app it prompts for you to log in again.