Help downloading apps off my computer!


Dec 25, 2010
So I have no clue how to download the apps offline. I found the website, however there is no button to download the program. I found that you have to scan them somehow, and have the program entitled "barcode scanner 3.3.1". When I open the program, I says in the lower left corner "Place a barcode inside the view finder rectangle to scan it", and a red line flashes in the center of the screen. I have enlarged the barcode image on my computer screen and I am just lost on what to do, please help!
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I think Google Market applications require Google Market and connection from the android device. My tablet doesn't have Google Market so I'm locked out.
If an application is available outside Google Market or AppsLib it MAY be possible to download it copy it to the tablet. Search for files with an apk extension.
Try this thread for some places to get applications you can copy from the PC and load:
Look at how to side load apps if market won't work

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