camera apps don't work


Dec 4, 2010
Hi. (i am new to this forum so i'm sorry if i've posted this in the wrong place)

I've got a android MID 7 inch screen with OS V1.6. Every thing works fine apart from if i have any apps that use a camera like the barcode scanner nothing shows on the screen. I download most apps from the slide me SAM market app thing and i says barcode scanner is compatible with my device. I installed with no problems but as i say when i use it all i get is a red line that flashing across the middle of it and a message at the bottom saying "place the barcode in the view finder rectangle to scan it". But the rest of the screen is black. This goes for all apps that use the camera such as shopsavvy, snipper shot (i think thats a camera app type thing not sure) and surveyor which is supposed to measure the distance of things.

Thanks in advance :)


May 19, 2011
My camera reacts the same way. This is the primary reason I got a tablet. I cannot get the QR Code (any) to work. Seems like the camera does not turn on.