Help identifying budget tablet


Dec 22, 2010
Hi Guys,
long-time reader - first time poster.
After reading much on the forums i thought it was about time i went and got myself a cheap tablet to play round with.
I think i managed to get the cheapest one ($99US) !!
i am having all kinds of issues with the thing crashing in sleep mode and having to drain the battery then charge it to wake it up. I've had it 2 days and it originally happened every time i turned it off (pressed the power button), now that I’ve tweaked the power settings (to stop it from hibernating) it only dies when it's off for extended amounts of time (e.g. overnight).
I want to be able to identify it so i can upgrade the ROM and hopefully get something more stable.
The specs are:
Model: Generic
Firmware: 1.6
Kernel: 2.6.29-00236-G4F8DBBB-Dirty
Build number: WMT2.1_88

Any help is greatly appreciated...
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Hi.. i also own this device :( i try flash with other Android os.. touch screen is not working.. u got any working firmware to upgrade?>
Thanks for the replies.
Out of interest I installed and ran Android info and everything showed up as "generic" or "unknown" - awesome!
Thanks for the link to the firmware as well, greenarmy82 did you have any luck getting it to work? if so can you, or anyone, point me in the right direction for a guide for backing up the existing firmware and flashing the new one?
i think it is known as a generic flytouch. Mine is similar spec and would only run on roms WMT2.1_88 and 2.0.88, but if it was shipped with WMT2.1_88 then it should work with and roms with those numbers and the tweaked or rooted roms with those numbers.
Can anyone help me? I want to root mine but i need someone to explain in laymans terms how to do it. Will i need a sd card first? My tablet came without the usb thing (know i probably sound stupid) i dont even know where i can buy one any suggestions?

My firmware needs to be updated
Firmware 1.6
Build #: 2.0.1_105




I wanna buy a carrying case with keyboard. Do i need a mini or 2.0 usb for the keyboard?

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