Help ! Information required for Flytouch III


Sep 29, 2011
Hi all,

I have recently purchased a Flytouch III with Flashplayer 10.1 Support,

1) It did not come with a flash player installed and I cant seem to find the right apk file to download and install. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Name of the file and where I can download it from would be greatly appreciated.

2) Also when I tap the Market icon it takes me to what seems to be a light version of the Android Market with only free app. When I use the Dolphin HD browser to log into the Google Android Market to download a paid app it tells me couldn't detect and adroid device. Is the flytouch III not compatible with the Google Android Market.

Here are the specs for the epad

Model: YOSPad
Android Version: V2.3 2011-08-10 (001112)
Kernal Version:, root@jackie-desktop #216
Build Number: FRF85B

Any info is greatly appeciated.