HELP!!!! Kyros MID 7127


Dec 28, 2011
Hi, Im a complete novice at android, but last year I bought a kyros 7127 and was able to root it and get the market on it thanks the the vids on here. Its been acting buggy lately so I did a factory rest on it thinking I could go back to the beginning. Well, I can get on the internet, and use stock getjar, but even amazon isnt working right and I cant get playstrore no matter what apk I try. The files open and say "no file found" I really need detailed help here, and Im getting desperate. This is my daughters tablet and I want her to be able to use it for reading, entertainment and schoolwork. If I cant put the apps on it, then it will be useless. Can somebody help me get back to stock, PLEASE??????


If you did a factory reset everything you put on your tab will be gone, And if you root it and change things you are not sure of you could have mess it up even more the best way is to reflash it and start again.