Help :Please: with Prestigio - PMP7280C3G V4.2.2 - ? -


Nov 10, 2013
Hello I got this tablet Prestigio - PMP7280C3G V4.2.2 back in November, December time and I am wanting to Root it.

From a post I did back then a user replied that he got it working and rooted using a method on a website into which here's the Instructions translated into English....
Testing the current model PMP7280C3G_DUO with FW 1.0.05 and 1.0.07
Installing CWM :

First Tablet Do NOT let it lie somewhere near you will need it .

Second Download and unzip the file . | Ulo?.to password : 7280

3rd Open Device Manager on the computer to turn off the tablet and connect the cable to the PC for a while, the new device
( MT65xx preloader ) right click update driver (if 2x click left to open the info on the device and select Update Driver )
and manually install the driver " MediaTek preloader USB VCOM Port " from the Drivers folder depending on your version of
Windows (tested on XP and Win7 32bit and 64bit ) - If does not happen the first time you just disconnect and reconnect
tablet , again captured the moment on the device.

4th Unplug the tablet and start Flash_tool.exe

5th Right click on a scatter - loading and set the path to the directory / PMP7280C3G Recovery

CWM/MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt and let Open.

6th Up in a menu icon you click on a download in the following confirm with YES you want to continue .

7th Connect the tablet off - starts by itself recovery download to your tablet . Can now be two situations ; endings Will
a download window with a green circle . A second variant or passes first the download and install the computer starts by
itself another driver " MediaTek DA USB VCOM Port" and flash program throws an error . Not to worry if you just unplug the
tablet itself on off it and click again to download again, click YES to connect off tablet . Ted would arrive melo
successful recovery in tablet and confirmation will be green ring in a new window.

8.Odpojte cable from the tablet and hold the VOL + and Power 3 seconds and you are in CWM recovery .

First In the ROOT folder is a file Supers - and upload the memory card or tablet.

Second Run the recovery and select "install zip from sdcard" then select a location where you want the file to install
depends by location " choose zip from sdcard " and " choose zip from internal sdcard " you will find include file and
press power.

3rd select reboot system

That's all . :)

Way back in the state with Origami recovery without root if required :
Approach, as well as with CWM just place ingredients into CWM Recovery Route to Recovery folder Origo . The rest is the

same. In the tablet to run the application supers and remove root data settings .

XDA for Supers -

Now from the above I have downloaded the files Turned off the Tablet gone into device manager and plugged in the cable from the Tablet to the USB-Port of my laptop. It says in the steps above in step 3 that a new device ( MT65xx preloader ) should show up but it doesn't not in device manager not even on my computer now is that because the tablet is turned off also when its off and plugged in it's just charging.

Also when I got this Tablet I already hooked it up to my laptop to put music onto the tablet and photos so does that mean I need to turn the tablet on uninstall anything that is to do with the Tablet in device manager then go from step 3 again - Does anyone know if that sounds about right since the new device ( MT65xx preloader ) in device manager doesn't show up yet with it turned off and plugged in.

Any help will be greatly Appreciated.